Record your FIFA Journey. Grow.

Want to keep track of your results in FIFA 20? Make sure to log your Weekend League and Division Rivals matches, get valuable insights, and check your progress.

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Log Matches.

This is what it's all about. Log all your Weekend League, Division Rivals and other games to get a complete overview.

Create a Portfolio.

All of the logged games create your FIFA 20 portfolio. Track your results in the Weekend League, and see how you grow.

Gain Insights.

Get to know your FIFA 20 game. How many shots do you convert? Do you lose most of the games against possession players?

Weekend League Reminders

We'll remind you when the Weekend League starts, so you don't forget to log your results! Knowledge leads to growth.


Get signed up, and log your first match in just minutes. Click 'add match', fill in the score and you're done.

Browse All Your Matches

It's easy to browse all of the matches. Want to know when and to whom you lost in the Weekend League? Check it out.

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